Brand Name : Hepcinat

Active Ingredients : Sofosbuvir

Manufacturer : Natco

Country of Origin : India

Intended Patient : Unisex

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Buy generic sofosbuvir. Hepcinat 400 mg is a drug used to treat Hep C. Hepcinat Sofosbuvir 400 mg now come in a much cheaper generic tablet “Hepcinat” than the brand medicine. You can buy Hepcinat online here today. Should you wish to purchase more than 1 bottle please contact our sales team for a more discounted price





Hepcinat – A Cure for Hepatitis C

While it may not completely cure Hepatitis C, more promise is being shown that taking the Indian produced Hepcinat 400 mg comes very close to doing so and when combined with other medications such as interferon. It has a 99% chance of curing Hep C. Although it has nothing near the advantages of the latest Hep C Cure which is Harvoni . Which only needs to take one tablet and has been marketed as Hepcinat LP. You can purchase Hepcinat LP also from our store here. Generic Sovaldi should only be taken under supervision of a doctor who can monitor how well the patient tolerates the medication even though it has relatively few side effects when taken on its own.

What is Hepcinat?

This is a drug made by Natco Pharma Limited and is also sold under the generic brands of Sofosbuvir and Solvadi. It is produced in tablet form with a film coating on each 400 mg tablet. The usual prescription will be for a bottle of 28 pills.

The drug works to inhibit the proliferation of the hepatitis C virus. In addition to being best suited curing hepatitis C, it is being used with great results in patients who are HIV positive. In some medical circles it is believed to also be an anti-cancer drug.

However, patients around the world are still testing the medication out with their doctors help. Each dose is one tablet per day. A patient can take it with or without food. The side effects are minimal and usually subside once a patient’s system gets adjusted to it.

Side Effects of Hepcinat

It is important to know that the medication can be used together with Pegylated Interferon for treating hepatitis C. It can also be used with Ribavirin. In these instances side effects are usually due to the combination of drugs.
When taken alone, most people only feel headaches and fatigue. Any other side effects are usually present when taking the drug with other medications. Still, if a person feels nauseous, suffers anemia and feels weak it could indicate the person is having a reaction to the drug.
If any side effects are bothersome or  could indicate an allergic reaction, the patient should always check with his or her doctor first. It may not be advised to stop the medication abruptly.

How to Get Hepcinat

The only way to get the medication is through your doctor who should provide you with a prescription. You can buy the medication online. However, you will want to be sure it is purchased from a website that requires the prescription via fax or e-mail.

Because of the importance this drug can have, you cannot afford to purchase it online only to receive a placebo. This is one of the risks of buying medications online.

Your doctor can help with procuring the medication. If you want to take this medication and you live outside of India, your chances of getting it are good if you can go on an organized trip to India to get the medicine. Also, you can network online with other Hep C patients.

Very often groups of individuals working to treat Hep C offer support and advice for one another online. These can be valuable resources for getting information on doctors who can get this medication to you from India. We ship generic Sovaldi Thailand, generic Sovaldi China, USA, UK, Australia

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